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GPS Tracker Malaysia / GPS Locator Malaysia

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

What is a GPS Tracker?

A GPS tracker is a surveillance device, commonly carried by a moving vehicle that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and track the precise location of the vehicle remotely. This technology can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed and direction of the vehicle. GPS Tracker needs a sim card to support it with cellular network connection for uploading the location data to the tracking platform. A GPS tracker with an international roaming sim card could be tracked anywhere on or near the Earth.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a GPS Tracker

As we all know, there are various types of GPS trackers/GPS locators/GPS tracking devices in Malaysia with different features available in the market. Basically there are three types available i.e. plug in, hardwired and battery operated. Generally, these GPS trackers take the information they gather and use a cellular connection to share it. Remote users can then access the GPS tracking data with a mobile phone app or via a secure web connection. Therefore, before you or your Company intent to purchase one, you should study these GPS trackers capabilities, features, installation, pricing and etc. in line with your or your Company requirements and needs.

Real-time Tracking Feature

Real-time GPS tracker is also called active tracker. It allows users to monitor their vehicles or fleet of vehicles live anytime and anywhere. Users are able to track their vehicles movement through frequent data updates that range from every few seconds to every few hours. In order to obtain these tracking data from the real-time GPS trackers, the users must subscribe to a GPS tracking system provided by a GPS tracking system company; example Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System Co. For those who want instant and continuous location monitoring and updates of their vehicles, for instance the fleet managers, real-time GPS trackers are their top priority choice.

Monitoring Capabilities

Most GPS trackers come with an App that you can use any device to monitor on your GPS tracker units. These include your iPhone, Android smartphone, your window PC, Mac computer and iPad or tablets; which facilitates you to locate your vehicle or fleet of vehicles on a go anytime anywhere. An ideal GPS tracker should be pre-configured to upload its location to a web-based tracking platform which can be accessed using any internet-enabled device as mentioned above.

a) Web based Tracking: Locate the GPS trackers using a web portal offered by Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System provider. This is the common solution for GPS tracking. A best possible web portal should be user-friendly, easy to access and it should offer useful features such as trip history, geo-fencing, alert notification like speeding, power cut-off alarm, etc., historical playback and chart & report analytics. Feel free to browse through Explosoft GPS fleet tracking system at for more information.

b) Mobile App:  Android and iOS compatible apps make it much easier to monitor and locate the GPS tracking device. Notifications for speeding, geo-fencing in/out can be displayed instantly on a smartphone if a tracking app is installed and downloaded. The mobile App for Explosoft GPS fleet tracking system is “GPS2U”.

c) Trip History: GPS tracking system platform records and stores the location data to display the previously taken trips/routes on the map. The route data will be stored in the GPS tracking system platform (either cloud or server) for at least one month or more. Explosoft GPS fleet tracking system stores 12 months vehicle trip history and its can be exported to Excel & CSV file for reviewing and improvement purposes.

d) Geo-fencing: Geo-fencing is one of the most basic and important features of a GPS tracker device. Geo-fence boundaries are virtual barriers that you can draw on the map to get instant alert whenever the tracker enters or exits that boundary through email or SMS. Hence you can take appropriate action.

Technical Support

Ensure that the GPS tracking system company provide 24/7 customer & technical support to resolve and troubleshooting any technical problem encountered by users.


In normal circumstance, GPS tracker has one-year warranty period given by GPS Supplier or GPS tracking system provider. Some even give 2 years warranty for their trackers. Important is, make sure they offer return for faulty items and that the tracker will operate correctly without causing any problem.


GPS tracking devices prices vary in term of types, brand, quality, design and other features. GPS trackers with advanced features cost higher as compared to some trackers with less or limited features. Thus, it is advisable to analyze and consider a GPS tracker has features that match your requirement and preferences. At the same its will be able to help you or your Company to increase productivity and enhance operational efficiency.

These GPS trackers require a cellular service network (Sim card) and software service (tracking system), consequently they come with a yearly subscription fee or monthly service fee particularly for rental of GPS trackers program. Beside yearly subscription fee, Explosoft GPS fleet tracking system provider/company renders GPS trackers rental ship program. Kindly click this link for further details and references. Interested party may chat on WhatsApp with +6019-742 8803

Compatibility with GPS tracking software/system

With GPS tracking software/system GPS tracker becomes a very powerful and secured tool. Each GPS tracking software/system supports particular device models. Before you buy a tracking device, verify that it is compatible with your preferred tracking software/system.

Easy Installation

Buyer or user should give due consideration on the installation and maintenance aspects, while choosing a GPS tracking device for your vehicle or fleet of vehicles. It should be a handy and compact device that could be installed underneath the dashboard of your vehicles. Hard-wiring the tracker beneath the dashboard not only keeps it out of sight but also permanently installed in your vehicle. For your information, some GPS tracking company and GPS tracking system provider render onsite installation services to their users.


Hope the above main factors act as a reference, can assist you narrow down your options to select, purchase a reliable and applicable GPS tracker. Thank you.

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