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Car Tracker For Lorry Malaysia

Updated: Feb 15, 2022


Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System Company is one of the leading GPS tracking system providers in Malaysia, is pleased to present and introduce their latest addition of GPS tracker model EX130 to their existing list of GPS tracking devices. EX130 model is an innovative and advanced device equipped with GPRS terminal, flexible inputs configuration GPS tracker. This tracker has been widely used by their customers and dealers throughout Malaysia.

EX130 GPS tracker is an ideal real-time tracking device for heavy duty transports like lorry trailers, refrigerated trucks, logistics box trucks, logistics trucks container, construction vehicle-cranes, buses, vans as well as cars rental business, taxi operating company, etc. When it comes to monitoring company fleet of vehicles (Fleet Management) and applying a remote secure engine cut-off (SECO) feature, this EX130 is no doubt a best and priority pick amongst others tracking devices available in the market.

Tracker EX130 Characteristics :

  • Worldwide GSM/GPRS network coverage

  • Equipped with internal GNSS/Bluetooth connectivity

  • Equipped with GPRS modules & GPRS antennas

  • Configurable Digital input (DIN)/Analog input (AIN) for flexible remote monitoring & control

  • Features Negative input will allow easier installation of accessories

  • Whilst Impulse inputs for precise fuel flow meters data reading

  • CAN data reading from vehicles and specialized transport

  • With backup battery (Rechargeable 170mAh Li-ion battery)

  • Built-in GPS + AGPS for positioning accuracy & fast locating

  • Built-in high sensitive GPS chipset to acquire good tracking signals

  • Built-in CPU to eliminate any breakdown automatically

  • Built-in polymer backup battery for power cut off alarm

  • Small, compact and waterproof design

Tracker EX130 Features :

  • 24 hours system monitoring on call alerts

  • External SOS button for any emergency

  • Rechargeable battery in the event power supply is disconnected unexpectedly

  • Tele-cut off fuel and power remotely in case your car is being stolen

  • Remote power-off function for Anti-Theft

  • Smart power saving mode to avoid power from draining

  • ACC detection to display real-time vehicle status

  • Real-time tracking for uploading location information

  • Tracking vehicle location in real-time through platforms

  • Multi-positioning platforms - App and Web portal (PC)

  • SMS notification re: power cut off notification

  • Geo-fence alarm refers “in/out” of designated zone alert

  • Beacons alarm to prevent engine startup without the beacons sensor

  • Temperature alarm once temperature has changes

  • Fuel Theft alarm when fuel in the diesel tank was stolen

  • Movement sensor alarm once the container is being dragged off

  • Magnet contact sensor alerting when container door is in “open” conditions

  • Toll system monitoring the numbers of toll stations have been accessed

Tracker EX130 Benefits :

a.) SECO Feature

Remote secure engine cut-off (SECO) functionality that can help to recover a stolen vehicle and prevent the loss.

b.) Facilitate to Safe the Cargo

It allows recovering goods loaded on the stolen vehicle e.g. light commercial vehicle (LCV) or heavy goods vehicle (HGV).

c.) Allows Avoiding Traffic Incidence

When there are road infrastructure damage or casualties.

d.) User-friendly & Convenient Process Management

GPRS or SMS text command is activated by pressing a button in a dedicated fleet management software/system or mobile app.

e.) Saves Time, Effort, and Defeats Uncertainty

Stalled Vehicle location can be swiftly tracked by automatic vehicle location (AVL) software application in a smartphone, tablet or PC to speed up the recovery.

f.) Efficiency & Secure

EX130 tracker is the most secure and efficient device in remote vehicle disabling system (SECO) coupled with Immobilizer, Unplug detection and Geofence features to prevent vehicle theft or unauthorized access or use of a vehicle.

g.) Keep your Business Intact

It can be activated by any smartphone with SMS service, table and PC.

For further details and information about this EX130 tracking device, kindly click this link at This link is belonging to Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System company website.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact them at 1700 814 814 or chat on WhatsApp with +6019-742 8803. Their sales team is glad to serve and assist you. Thank you.

Dated: 30.12.2021

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