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The logistics industry operates in a fast-paced environment where every second counts. With the EX908's advanced monitoring capabilities, logistics companies can ensure the safety of their drivers, vehicles, and cargo while optimizing efficiency. The 8-channel camera support provides comprehensive coverage of loading docks, warehouses, and delivery routes, minimizing the risk of theft, accidents, and unauthorized access. Integration with fuel sensors allows for real-time tracking of shipments and fuel consumption, enabling precise inventory management and route optimization. Additionally, the AI-powered algorithms such as ADAS assist drivers in navigating through traffic, reducing the likelihood of collisions and delays.







We offer a comprehensive and customized solution tailored specifically for light vehicles, including passenger cars, small vans, and utility vehicles. Designed to significantly enhance safety, security, and operational efficiency, this solution serves as an invaluable tool for both individual and commercial applications. Here are the components of our solution that address the unique needs of light vehicles:

EX130 GPS Device

  • 24-hour system monitoring with on-call alerts.

  • Built-in polymer backup battery for power cut-off alarms.

  • Multi-positioning platform accessible via app and PC.

  • SMS notifications for power cut-off.

  • ACC detection displaying real-time vehicle status.

  • Built-in GPS + AGPS for faster and more accurate positioning.

  • Real-time tracking to upload location information.

  • Relay for tele-cut off (fuel/power) to remotely disable petrol/electricity, preventing theft.

  • Remote power-off function for anti-theft purposes.

  • Smart power-off function to prevent battery drain.

  • Geo-fence alarm for out-of-area alerts.

  • Built-in CPU to automatically eliminate breakdowns.

  • External SOS button for emergencies.

  • 170mAh (Li-ion rechargeable battery) for operation during unexpected power supply disconnections.

  • Built-in high sensitivity GPS chipset for better signal acquisition.

  • Capability to check location via platform.

  • Toll system to monitor toll access.

  • Fuel theft alarm (additional fuel sensor required).

  • Temperature alarm (additional EX sensor required).

  • Movement sensor alarm for immediate notifications if the container is moved (additional EX sensor required).

  • Magnet contact sensor for alerts when the container door is open (additional EX sensor required).

  • Beacons alarm to prevent engine start without sensor detection (additional EX sensor required).​

EX62 GPS AI Dashcam

  • A multifunctional GPS AI Dashcam optimized for vehicle tracking, driving safety assistance, and video recording.

  • Real-time location tracking with 4G networking for remote video monitoring.

  • AI algorithms for proactive collision prevention and intelligent driver assistance.

  • Front and rear recording in 1080HD for comprehensive protection.

  • Features include live view, G sensor, GPS, SOS alarm, two-way audio, intercom, ADAS, DMS, and WiFi.


EX908 MDVR + 360 Camera + ADAS

  • Comprehensive coverage with a combination of the EX908 MDVR and a 360-degree camera system.

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) including lane departure warnings, collision avoidance systems, and pedestrian detection.

  • Evidence recording for reliable documentation in disputes and claims.​


Fuel Sensor

  • Precise monitoring of fuel levels and consumption for detailed fuel efficiency analysis and identification of irregularities such as fuel theft.

  • Cost management by providing insights into optimal driving practices and vehicle maintenance.

  • Fuel theft alarm for instant notification upon fuel theft.​


EX Sensor

  • Supports wireless Bluetooth LE connectivity for effective communication with devices such as sensors.

  • Designed to be attached to the front of every trailer type for tracking and monitoring purposes.

  • Alerts for temperature changes, container movement, open container doors, and unauthorized engine starts without beacon detection.


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