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GPS Tracking System


GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking is the surveillance of location through the use of Global Positioning System (GPS ) to track the location of the motor vehicles remotely. The technology can pinpoint any position & address on the map, its speed & also its direction. At Explosoft, we have developed our own GPS Tracking System which consists of many modernized features & benefits which helps our users to easily track, locate & retrieve history/report of their motor vehicles. We also provide a wide range of GPS Trackers to meet our customers' demand whom has various type of motor vehicles,  as well as for those who are running a fleet management. 

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Explosoft GPS Tracking System

  • Call Alerts Monitoring

  • Power Cut Off Alarm

  • Historical Playback 

  • Real-Time Fuel Monitoring

  • 12 Months Tracking History

  • Fleet Management System

  • Data Export Using Excel & CSV

  • Mileage, Idling, Parking & Overspeed Reports

  • Real Time Alert Via Website, Apps & Phone Call

  • Customer Support 24/7

Explosoft GPS Tracking App

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  • Compatibility with almost all Android Versions

  • Easy to use and monitor

  • Simple & user-friendly Interface

  • Instant location updates

  • Detailed trip/travel History

  • Toll system & notification

  • Geo-fence alarm

  • Alert notification

  • Built-in ON/OFF power

  • External MIC for voice monitoring

Quick Overview


We provide a comprehensive iconic dashboard for our users to quickly get real-time insights into the most concerned aspects of their data. For example, Total Vehicles Online, Offline, Moving or Overspeed. For others, we have the number of Geo-Fence & POI, Last Position, Reports such as Mileage, Idling Vehicle & Alarm and so forth. In short, we make our GPS Tracking System simple & easy, so our users can access to all the features in a quick glance.

Last Position

Our final positioning feature facilitates the employer to detect accurately the last position of all his vehicles, especially for fleet management.



Real-time tracking is one of the main features of our GPS trackers solution, It shows the vehicle location information in real-time for fleet tracking.  Real-time tracking and uploaded location information allows users to view, monitor, control and operate their fleet management effectively. Thus, helping them to save cost, time and manpower.


Playback makes it easier for employers to view their vehicle's trip history. Through this playback record, they can see which route their vehicle travelled and at what speed. They will understand why their vehicle went or used an unfamiliar road, it was due to heavy traffic congestion at that time.



Go to "Reports" to see/get fast insights data of your fleet drivers performance. Evaluate their performance based on idling vehicle report, mileage report, static report and etc. Uncovering inefficiencies, reduce fuel usage, and identify opportunities for cost saving.


For better monitoring & observation of insights data, our System has added the Chart function. The Charts included Speed Chart & Over-Speed Chart which can give you a clearer picture of the insights data for improvement and decision making.


Smart Phone Tracking System


To provide more convenience to the Fleet Managers, Explosoft GPS Tracking APP is freely available as a mobile App on both Android and iOS platforms. The core functions of the system are available in the application allowing the users to get all the necessary data on their smartphones just in few touches.


App Supported:

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One Year Warranty for Explosoft GPS Trackers.

Why Explosoft GPS Tracking System ?

Flexible Platform

We provide a  flexible platform  which allows smooth integration of any customized or innovated software or applications.

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Professional Technology

As a professional technologist, specialized in software & application development, we constantly strive to give our customers a better experience.


Toll System

Toll System - our latest feature which helps you to monitor and save cost on Toll fees. You will receive a Notification, when your vehicle/fleet is reaching the Toll Station.

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