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GPS Tracker ?

What is

A GPS Tracker is a surveillance device, normally carried by a moving vehicle or person that uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to determine and track the precise location of an entity or object remotely, This technology can pinpoint longitude, latitude, ground speed and direction of the target.

How Do Explosoft

GPS Tracker Function?

24 hours system 
Monitor on call alerts
Built-in acceleration sensor 
Vibration and replacement alarms
Built-in polymer backip battery 
Power cutting alarm
Multi-positioning platform 
SMS, App and PC
SMS reminder 
Low battery and overspeed alarms
ACC detection 
Real-time vehicle status checking
Built-in GPS+ AGPS
Positioning faster and more accurate
Real-time tracking
Upload location information
Relay for tele-cut off fuel/power
Built-in ON/OFF power
Wide input voltage range
External MIC for voice monitoring
Automatically Failure Recovery
Three-colored LED indicators 
Display different working status
Remote cutting power off function 
Smart power saving function 
Avoid power losing
Geo-fence alarm 
"Out” of area alarm
Arm or Disarm 
Automatically or manually
Built-in CPU, eliminating 
Breakdown automatically
External SOS button 
For emergency alarm
Built-in 450mAh battery 
When power supply is disconnect unexpectedly
Access location information via SMS
or GPRS (TCP) 
Built-in high sensitive GPS chipset
Check Location via platform
Calculator toll costs

Note : Different models have different functions.

The vehicle’s position is provided by the GPS Satelite to the Motive A1 fitted in the vehicle

Information is transmitted between the vehicle and the Telco company via a wireless cellular connection

The Telco company manages the communication between the vehicle and Motive A1

The internet provides the means of tranferring to and from Motive A1 to your PC

Your PC displays information in real-time using the Online GPS tracking software

Professional technical support team able to efficiently to handle the situations that customers may encounter

Smart Phone Tracking System


Checking alarms, remotely control your cars, set SMS number and email  account, etc. It is smart as well as your phone.


Comfortable visual interface and Simplicity for understanding an operation


Real time tracking in your smart phone, you can get the latest information from your car, your vehicle fleet, your cared person, pets and assets at anytime and any place.

Smart Phone Tracking App:

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Asset 5.png

Compatible with IOS, Android




Live Tracking:


Main Features:
•  Video and Audio
•  Recording Mode
•  Play Back Video Method
•  Storage
•  External Connected
   Camera Signal
•  Expanding Features
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