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Vehicle Fleet Tracking Malaysia / Fleet Tracking System Malaysia

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

How GPS Tracking Enables Social Distancing and Optimizes Vehicle Fleet Management Productivity during Pandemic

During the post Covid-19 pandemic and under Malaysia’s National Recovery Plan (NRP), small-to mid-size enterprise (SME) business owners and corporate transportation and logistics business fleet managers are still require to manage their fleet of vehicles. They are allowing to work from home occasionally and do not have to go office daily and risk possible exposure to themselves or others.

Fortunately, by combining real-time GPS vehicle fleet tracking / live lorry GPS tracking / real-time GPS vehicle tracking, data received via smartphone, tablet or PC with business communications such as email, WhatsApp, SMS and zoom meeting/video conferencing, they can socially distance while dynamically managing fleets, work crews and logistics without missing a beat.

In the past, holding a meeting required all personnel involved face-to-face to agenda, discuss, reschedule work shifts, etc. With today’s advanced real-time GPS Fleet tracking system / Transport tracking system Malaysia / Lorry GPS tracking system Malaysia available, has actually improves control and allows immediate response and adjustment to the unavoidable emergencies and changing demands that occur throughout the day. Such advanced real-time GPS vehicle tracking monitoring system Malaysia, Fleet tracking system Malaysia, GPS tracking device Malaysia, GPS tracking App Malaysia, Best GPS tracker Malaysia can help to facilitate social distancing and virtually eliminate the need for routine personal interaction, while ensuring that drivers and work crews stay on task. 

Fleet managers only have to use one system for instance Lorry tracking Malaysia or Truck tracking Malaysia or GPS tracking Malaysia or Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia to track all his vehicles in different areas and direction. He can instantly see where is his drivers, vehicle trailers and equipment are, where they been, for complete visibility across his fleet daily operation on a map in one system or one App.

Explosoft GPS tracking system / Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system updates every 10 seconds, tracking precisely where vehicles are, the moment the fleet managers want to know. Explosoft GPS tracking system / Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system adds to location data the vehicle speed and idle time that make it easier to tell if something is amiss. This data is transmitted via satellite and cellular networks 24/7 i.e. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Through Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system / GPS tracking system web portal & in your computer, laptop or mobile phone App named GPS2u (which is available on the App Store & get it on Google Play) can display the real-time location of the fleet manager entire fleet on a map, and zoom in on any specific vehicle if he requires to do so. At a glimpse, the fleet manager can see if a vehicle is moving (displays green) or stopped (displays red). If fleet manager has drivers who are working in different states of Malaysia, he is able to track and monitor in real-time where his fleet of vehicle is; this is really an added advantage to his workload. Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system also helps if he needs to respond quickly for any unforeseen circumstances, such as repair after a storm. GPS2u - Explosoft GPS tracking mobile App makes easier for fleet managers or users who are always on the go / mobile. Fleet manager can immobilize any of his vehicles using his smartphone, if he finds any suspicious of vehicle theft.

Enhance efficiency and driver safety & performance

A GPS vehicle tracking system Malaysia / Transport tracking system Malaysia / Lorry GPS tracking system Malaysia / Fleet tracking system Malaysia / GPS tracking App Malaysia / GPS tracking Malaysia is automated and provides real-time updates on your remote device. This helps in quick decision making. Fleet manager can easily locate his fleet of vehicle, effectively plan drivers’ assignments and manage costs from his smart mobile device. He can Identifying and implementing more efficient routing and expedite dispatching based on past trips history, in turn, enables individual drivers and the fleet management as a whole to accomplish more in less time. Thus increases productivity for the company.

Real-time GPS tracking Malaysia / GPS vehicle tracking Malaysia / Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia / Fleet tracking system Malaysia / Transport tracking system Malaysia / Lorry GPS tracking System Malaysia / Truck tracking Malaysia/ GPS tracking App Malaysia can also increase drivers accountability by making them less inclined to take unauthorized excursions, such as for personal errands, when not on a job. This can help to minimize unnecessary vehicle mileage, reduce fuel consumption, prevent vehicle theft, to monitor unwanted driver behavior and etc. On the plus side, GPS tracking Malaysia / GPS tracking App Malaysia can also be used to recognize and reward consistent on-time arrival, rapid response to any emergencies, etc.

For transportation or logistics business professionals, the bottom line is that today’s advanced GPS Vehicle Tracking system / GPS Fleet Tracking system / Transport Tracking system can help to keep everyone as socially distanced from each other as possible, while improving vehicles and drivers’ productivity. Furthermore, GPS tracking technology can work wonders for your business and the benefits are immeasurable.

Feel free to browse through or visit Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System at Interested business owners, entrepreneurs big or small scale are welcome to request FREE Demo at their website. You may also chat on WhatsApp with +6 019-742 8803 or call their Hotline no. 1700 818 814 for enquiry.



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