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Why Explosoft GPS Tracking System?

Updated: Jan 25, 2022


Explosoft International Sdn Bhd has been specializing in the exploration and development of software solutions since 2003. In 2008, we have developed our own GPS Tracking System and have become one of the best GPS tracker service providers in Malaysia, GPS tracker software Malaysia, Fleet management system Malaysia, GPS car tracking Malaysia, Lorry GPS tracker Malaysia, One GPS Malaysia & GPS system App Malaysia in 2009 till to date.

Over the years, we have been participated in various exhibitions to promote our Explosoft GPS tracking system and Explosoft Fleet tracking system, Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia, GPS system App Malaysia and Explosoft GPS tracking devices Malaysia, Lorry GPS tracker Malaysia, GPS car tracking in Malaysia. The responses were overwhelming, thus motivated our Top Management to constantly updating and add innovative features, for instance the “Toll System”. We aim to make our Explosoft GPS tracking system & Explosost Fleet tracking system to be more competitive, in-line with the advancement of technology and user-friendly tracking system to all levels of users in the market.


Explosoft International Sdn Bhd is recognized as a MSC Malaysia status company since 2006 and ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certified.


We are the verified GPS Company in Malaysia, One GPS Malaysia, Lorry GPS tracker Malaysia, Vehicle Fleet tracking Malaysia, GPS tracker solution Malaysia providing GPS tracking system Malaysia, Real time tracking system Malaysia, Fleet management system Malaysia and Fleet monitoring system Malaysia. We provide onsite installation of GPS tracking device, GPS locator Malaysia, GPS tracker solution Malaysia, Smart tracker GPS Malaysia and certification for APAD (Agensi Pengangkutan Awam Darat), LPK (Lembaga Pelabuhan Klang) & MPOB (Malaysian Palm Oil Board) for the Commercial Vehicle License application and renewal.

What is GPS and How Does It Work?

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a worldwide radio-navigation system formed from the constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations.

A GPS tracking system uses the GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) network. This network incorporates a range of satellites that use microwave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices to give information on location, vehicle speed, time and direction. Hence, a GPS tracking system can give both real-time and historic navigation data on any kind of journey.

GPS Tracking System Malaysia

Explosoft GPS Trackers & Its Accessories

Explosoft GPS tracking / GPS Fleet tracking system has a wide range of useful feature vehicle tracking solution for your vehicle tracking requirements. We have various models of GPS trackers / GPS locator Malaysia and GPS tracking device Malaysia. Our latest tracking device model EX130 is an innovative and advanced tracker especially for Fleet management system Malaysia, Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia and Fleet monitoring system Malaysia. For further details and specification of tracker device model EX130, kindly visit our website at We guarantee one (1) year warranty for all our GPS trackers and products.

We also supply and provide “Optional Accessories” for GPS Vehicle trackers, such as Explosoft Fuel Sensor, Fuel level sensor system Malaysia~(Ref, CCTV / Live mobile CCTV Malaysia ~(Ref:, Air Temperature Sensor, Camera and Relay, to meet our customers’ demands, as we serve our customers in several different industries. These industries include transportation, logistics, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food & beverage, car renting services and so forth. Explosoft GPS trackers optional accessories not only offer an elevated level of security to many companies, but they also add valuable information which can be used to cut costs and run a better efficient operation.

Explosoft GPS Tracking / Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system, Real time tracking system Malaysia, GPS tracker software Malaysia, Lorry GPS tracker Malaysia and GPS Car tracker Malaysia can act as a deterrent for Vehicle Theft. As at to-date, we managed to recover and find 689+ lost or stolen vehicles. So, installing a GPS tracking devices / GPS locator Malaysia /Lorry increase vehicle security and provide protection.  

We render onsite Installation service, inspection and configuration, access to the latest vehicle wiring information and installation methods for old or new vehicles carried out by our professional technical support team. We provide 24/7 Customer Support. Get instant assistance from our Hotline No. 1700 814 814, or Whatsapp: or email to: You are welcome to contact us for A Free Demo.

Explosoft GPS tracking platform available on Web, IOS and Android for the convenience of our customers and users.

If you are using Explosoft GPS tracking & Explosoft Fleet tracking system, Real time tracking system Malaysia, Fleet monitoring system Malaysia and Fleet management system Malaysia, kindly login to or to begin the tracking and monitoring of your fleet of moving vehicles in real-time via Google map with traffic view, anytime from anywhere. Explosoft web-based GPS tracking system is simple and user-friendly interface. Our comprehensive iconic Dashboard allows our users to quickly get real-time insights into the most concerned aspects of their data. Those are the total number of vehicles Online, Offline, Moving or Over-speed. For others, would be the number of Geo-Fence & POI, Last Position, Reports such as Mileage, Idling Vehicle & Alarm and so forth.  In short, we want to make our GPS Tracking System simple & easy, so our users can access to all the features in a quick glance.

Explosoft GPS tracking App~“GPS2u“is available at the App Store and Google Play Store. Our GPS tracking app makes easier to those users who are always on the go/mobile, for instance, the fleet manager. He can immobilize any of his vehicles using his smartphone, if he notices any suspicious of car theft.

Explosoft GPS tracking / Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system aims to deliver an effective tracking experience with dominant and useful features to improve your business operational efficiency minimize fuel costs and so forth. For personal tracking is to safeguard your private car, especially with sentimental value and parent who want to know about their teens driving habits, whereabouts, etc.

Real-Time Location Tracking

With Explosoft’s range of GPS based vehicle trackers installed, you would be able to live track your car, truck or van via Google map with traffic view anytime from anywhere. You can also know the current state of your vehicle - whether it is moving, parked or idle in Explosoft GPS tracking / GPS Fleet tracking system, Real-time tracking system Malaysia, and Fleet management & monitoring system Malaysia.

In another words - Real-Time Tracking is for anyone who wants instant and continuous location monitoring and updates. These are for parents who wish to constantly monitor their teen driver or businessmen who want to have access to the location of each of their fleet vehicles at all times.

Detailed Trip History

With this feature, users can track all the trips made by their vehicles in Explosoft GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system, Real-time tracking system Malaysia, GPS car tracking Malaysia, Fleet monitoring system Malaysia and Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia. Users are able to see information such as kilometers/miles travelled, idling, acceleration or speed made by their vehicles. Users can replay the entire road trip or route - (historical playback) if at any time their vehicles are stolen, they can use the trip history to view where the vehicle went and its current location.


Geo-fencing allows users to create virtual boundary around any area on the GPS map in Explosoft GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system, Real-time tracking system Malaysia, GPS car tracking system, GPS tracker software Malaysia and Fleet management system Malaysia. When the vehicle enters or exits the geo-fencing, users will receive an alert. This feature enables fleet owner to keep a closer eye on the movement and usage of his fleet of vehicles, including unauthorized usage and etc.


Keeping in mind different scenarios where in a fleet owner or fleet manager would like to get notified of. He can create and modify different types of alerts notification to suit his requirement at Explosoft GPS tracking system web portal or or at Explosoft GPS tracking App - (GPS2u). The Alerts notification may include over speed, geofence, power cut off, vehicle maintenance & inspection due and etc. Users will receive these alerts notification via SMS, mobile app and web portal.

Toll System

Toll System - our latest feature which helps you to monitor and save cost on Toll fees. You will receive a Notification, when your vehicle/fleet is reaching the Toll Station.

Report Analytics

For better monitoring and observation of data insights, Explosoft GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system has various types of report. These reports are mileage, parking, idling, fuel usage, running trip and acceleration charts include average speed and over speed. Data export using Excel (XLS) and CSV. Evaluate your fleet drivers’ KPI based the above reports. Use these data insights for improvement and better decision making in your business operation.

Real-Time Fuel Monitoring

Use Fuel Sensor / Fuel level sensor system Malaysia to monitor and make accurate measurements of fuel level in a vehicle tank. Real-time fuel monitoring helps in identifying fuel theft or loss from the tank, which can be by means of overfilling or draining. It’s essential to track fuel consumption, so you can keep it under control as fuel price is fluctuating every day. Using GPS data insights can also help users optimize fuel usage and define their best route to regular driving location.

Vehicle Immobilization

Protect your vehicle with Vehicle Immobilization. You can safely and remotely immobilize/shutdown your car’s ignition in the case of theft or unauthorized use. This feature helps with recovery of the stolen vehicles. It can also ensure driver safety by immobilizing the vehicle only after it’s parked.

Vehicle Maintenance with Explosoft GPS Trackers

With Explosoft GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system, GPS tracker solution Malaysia, GPS tracker software Malaysia and Fleeting monitoring & Fleet management system Malaysia you can be emailed, texted or review online when vehicle maintenance and inspection task are due. For example, change your oil & oil filter, check your tires monthly, fuel filter replacement, vehicle inspection as required by APAD to obtain permit for renewal of license and so forth.


Any business can integrate with Explosoft GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system / GPS tracker software Malaysia / Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia / GPS tracker solution Malaysia / GPS car tracking Malaysia into their everyday operations with ease, boosting productivity, minimizing fuel consumption and safeguard your vehicles as well as goods and assets in transit for Fleet monitoring system Malaysia/Fleet management system Malaysia.

Rentalship Program / Business Partner

Interested to join us to expand your product & services and wish to improve your bottom line with our GPS tracking/GPS Fleet tracking system software? You and your business partner are most welcome, as togetherness we can gain great achievement. Our approach is to provide high-quality services with consistency, effectiveness and professionalism. We will provide you with training according to your customers’ needs about GPS trackers and custom-built solutions.

Kindly click this link for more information and details. Thank you.

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Dated: 3rd June 2021

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