Recover Lost Vehicle with Explosoft GPS

Updated: 4 days ago

Vehicle theft is an unfortunate event and heartbreaking situation for everyone. Statistics from the Insurance Services Malaysia, 3,993 motorcycles, 2,981 private cars and 426 commercial vehicles were stolen in 2020. Averages of 20 vehicles were stolen daily in 2020 according to VTREC - Vehicle Theft Reduction Council.

Prevent Vehicle Theft

Most car break-ins and vehicle thefts are crimes of opportunity. Here are some simple security tips/advice, some best tools and devices to prevent your vehicle being stolen.

  1. Always Lock Your Vehicle. Make sure you keep your car locked even when you are driving. And, lock the windows too.

  2. Turn the Car Off. Even if you are just going into a convenience store for a quick errand, do not take the risk. A thief can just jump in and drive away your car.

  3. Put away valuables like laptop, mobile phone, briefcases, etc. Better still take them with you when you leave the car.

  4. Never leave key or hide spare key or key fob anywhere in or on your car.

  5. Park Smart. Park in a well-lit area. At night, avoid parking in a dark location.

  6. Audible Alarm. The blaring of an alarm and flashing lights will scare off the vehicle thieves in some cases and draw attention to your vehicle being stolen

  7. Use Physical Anti-Theft Devices

  • Steering Wheel Lock - This visible device preventing the wheel from moving can deter thieves from even trying to steal your car.

  • Brake Lock -. The device makes it impossible for the pedal to be used until the lock is taken off.

  • Tire Lock or Wheel Clamps - Having a tire lock or wheel clamps will ensure safe parking for your vehicle without any worry of vehicle theft or unauthorized towing.

8. GPS tracker - Install a GPS tracking device in your car. It helps you to track your car if it gets stolen. With the GPS data, the chance of recovery is much higher. Next, please refer to the following contents on how GPS tracker and GPS tracking system work together, to safeguard your vehicle and fight against vehicle theft.

GPS Tracking: The Best Way to Stop Vehicle Theft

For big and small transport/logistic companies, installing a GPS tracking device Malaysia / GPS tracker solution Malaysia / Lorry GPS tracker Malaysia / Malaysia tracker GPS / GPS locator Malaysia at their fleet of vehicles is an essential security device, not only keeps their vehicles safe but also their goods and consignments to avoid huge loss. As for private car owner, it’s also an effective device and good tool to install it at a hidden area in your car to track the movement of your car / vehicle; in case of theft or car stolen. By using GPS tracker like the Explosoft GPS tracker and its GPS tracking system /GPS Fleet tracking system, you can track your vehicle location at the real time, which is very helpful to get the details about the lost vehicle. You can also track the path and route on which the car is running and at what speed. All these details & data are very useful and important for the investigation and recovery of the lost vehicle. You can also use Explosoft GPS tracker / GPS locator Malaysia to periodically check up on your car to make sure it’s still exactly where you parked it.