GPS Tracking System Malaysia

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Key Features to Look for in a Vehicle GPS Tracking System

GPS tracking system Malaysia / Vehicle tracking Malaysia / Vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia / GPS system app Malaysia / Smart tracker GPS Malaysia play an important role in today’s world to ensure safety on the roads, cost-efficient operations, improve the environment and increase security.

Explosoft GPS Tracking System or Explosoft GPS Fleet Tracking System has a full feature vehicle tracking solution for your entire vehicle tracking needs. Our customers / users can access to our web-based tracking solution at & And, also available at mobile App’s name GPS2u - Explosoft International. Please download the App on the App Store and get it on Google Play store to begin your tracking journey anytime from anywhere.

GPS Tracking System Malaysia

Key Features

Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking is the dominant feature of Explosoft GPS tracking system or Real time tracking system Malaysia. This feature allows users to track and monitor their vehicle in real-time. Real time tracking is very useful to those who are managing a fleet of vehicles / vehicle fleet tracking Malaysia / fleet management system Malaysia; can easily live track of the movement of their fleets of vehicles anytime, anywhere.

Trip History

You can make a marking of all the important data such as idling time, distance travelled (mileage), static, etc. that you want from the system. Explosoft GPS tracking system stores 12 months vehicle trip history and its can be exported to Excel & CSV file for reviewing purposes and etc.

Historical Playback

If your driver is over speeding, the information would be clearly displayed in the trip history. The fleet managers / users can use the “Playback” function to get more information about the misconduct driver, such as; what happened on a trip that caused the delay in delivery of goods and products to their customers or clients. Hence, historical playback helps GPS fleet manager to improve customer satisfaction besides monitoring his driver’s behavior.

Chart & Report Analytics

For better monitoring and observation of data insights, Explosoft GPS tracking system / Explosoft GPS Fleet tracking system has added the “Chart” feature. The chart include speeding and excessive speeding chart. Evaluate your fleet drivers’ performance based on idling time, mileage, static reports plus over speeding chart etc. Use these insights data for improvement and better decision making in your business operation.


Geofencing allow you to create geographical boundaries around a designated area in Explosoft GPS tracking system / Fleet monitoring system Malaysia / Real time tracking system Malaysia / GPS car tracking Malaysia. When a vehicle enters or exits the geofence boundary, an alert is generated for the fleet managers. Geofencing keeps fleet managers aware of unexpected detours or route departures in real-time. This is extremely helpful in preventing vehicle theft, as the alerts can provide an early warning of a vehicle being stolen.