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Fleet Management Solution

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24 hours

on call alerts

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Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking

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  • View your vehicles in a real-time status on Google Maps. 

  • Receive updates periodically as you preset the time interval.

Route History & Review

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  • Use interactive route replay to review a vehicle's history and activity throughout the days.

  • Each trip segment provides you with details regarding driving time, distance travelled, alerts for unsafe driving & etc.

  • Use route replay to improve routing efficiency and resolve customer disputes.

Geo-fences and Landmarks

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  • Set up boundaries and landmarks for key locations on the Maps. For example, your client's headquarter,  your business partner's office or your boss's residence.

  • Geo-fencing up to 20 fences (It's maximum) for one device of any size, shape & model.

  • Save our workload as one (1) geo-fence is relevant for multiple devices.

 Insightful Reports

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  • To get fast and insights data of your fleet's driving performance, use our activity reports.

  • Evaluate your drivers' performance based on reports such as, speed, mileage, idling, parking, ACC and more.

  • Disclosed inefficiencies, reduced fuel consumption and indentify opportunities for saving costs and increase revenue.

Activities Alerts

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  • Set up different events for which you want to receive alerts.

  • Alerts configuration for speeding, geofences, movement, tampered and many more.

  • Receive alerts via email or text for further response or action .

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